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Envirotels is here to make your organization's business travel more sustainable with zero impact travel

When you book your corporate travel through Envirotels we will compensate your carbon emissions generated from your company's travel. We call this zero impact travel.

Here at envirotels we want to help your organization travel greener. More and more, small, medium and large companies are making a pledge to ensure that their travel impact on the environment is reduced. Increasingly, companies are beginning to take notice of pollution stemming from their employees' travel, as well as thinking of ways to reduce it. Envirotels can help organizations to reduce their travel impact on the environment while saving costs.

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Corporate Rates to Make a Difference

To encourage your organization to travel greener we will offer our corporate clients heavier discounted rates baed on their travel needs. The more travel booked through Envirotels, the better the discounts. It's that easy!

When you sign on to book your corporate travel through Envirotels, all other features of our platform will remain the same. Envirotels will still be making a pledge towards reforestation from every booking made. Plus you will have access to tools where your organization will be able to trafck the amount of trees generated by your travel and before you know it you will have created your own forest!

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Steps for signing on to our Corporate Travel Program:


Send us an email to expressing your interest.


We will send you some information to complete so that we can come up with the best rate plan possible for you.


Once you are officially signed up with a special rate plan for your travel accomidations, you will receive instructions on how to access your individual travel portal.

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