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The Company

Envirotels is an Online travel platform with a mission – reduce and offset travel-related carbon emissions.

For each booking made on our site, we plant trees in the Amazon rain-forest in order to offset the associated CO2 emissions.

In addition to offering the traditional online booking services, such as hotels and flights, we provide eco-friendly travel information, tips, resources, and best practices for the Eco-conscious traveler.

The kicker - Our custom search tool allows you to filter hotels and other travel activities based on their sustainability practices.

What We Do

  • We’re offering a vast amount of travel services with a focus on sustainable practices and eco-friendly providers.
  • In order to offset travel related carbon emissions, we’re partnering with landowners and farmers in Brazil who plant CO2 capturing and revenue-generating trees in the Amazon rain-forest.
  • We’re sponsoring tree planting activities from our revenues, keeping prices as low, or lower, than those of our competitors.
  • When a booking is made, we calculate how many trees will be required to offset the resulting emissions and plant the appropriate amount of trees in the Amazon.
  • After booking your travel arrangements with Envirotels, you will receive a unique link to the exact location of your trees. This “digital contract” can be used to view and track progress at any given time.

Batch of Acai Seedlings Ready For Planting

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Our Mission and Vision

We believe that eco-friendly travel is better for all of us (including the planet) and it doesn’t have to cost more than traditional travel.

We believe that sustainable travel should not be an extra cost to you.

That is why, here at Envirotels, we make it easy, fun and more affordable for everyone.

Our Core Values

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Customer Satisfaction

Topping the list are our customers and supporters, who are at the core of Envirotel’s business. We constantly strive to optimize the quality of the service we provide, by offering a variety of communication tools, including email support and live chat, and most importantly, by providing a seamless travel booking experience.

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When we say - trees are being planted, we mean it, and prove it. You can track each tree we plant for your travel using a uniquely generated code, provided to you when you book through our site.

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We are as transparent as possible, through social media and email newsletters, we keep our customers and supporters informed and engaged in carbon offsetting news, making them an active partner in driving the solution to preserving the planet for us and future generations.

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We don’t affiliate ourselves with any political party, movement, or anyone else. Our only bias is towards eco-conscious travel providers (hotels, flight companies, etc.), whom we try to promote over their counterparts. Though climate change is a serious subject, we’re not trying to change anyone’s mind. We only want to provide the highest standard of service while offering a fun and engaging experience.

What are eco (environmentally friendly) hotels

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Envirotels is the first and (so far) only sustainability-focused travel company in the US. In addition to planting trees to offset travel related CO2 emissions, we’re dedicated to bringing you the leaders in sustainability.

Hotels with sustainability practices in place are those that:

  • Use alternative energy and energy conservation
  • Practice water wastage prevention
  • Recycle

To search only for those hotels, click on the Leaf Icon. icon in the hotel filters panel.

How we offset CO2 emissions

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In order to offset travel related CO2 we plant trees in the Amazon rainforest. Trees capture CO2 and we plant them each time a booking is made.When a booking is placed, we assign a token number to the order. The token represents the longitude & latitude coordinates of the plot with the planted trees.


Our proprietary TreeTracker tool allows anyone to track the tree planting efforts.Our plot in the Amazon rainforest is divided intosections, each square contains a minimum of three trees.Each booking earns you a square, called a Token.Want to visit your trees virtually? Navigate to the TreeTrack page on our site, and search either by first name or by your token number.

The added benefit

  • Employment opportunities for the local community
  • Flora and fauna - rees provide nourishment and act as shelter for local animal and human inhabitants
  • Animals - rainforest animals require lush vegetation, vast terrains and well, a rainforest made out of trees


Land capacity:
Current section measures 30 to 40 hectares, which allows 30.000 to 40.000 trees to be planted. Once all of the trees in one section are planted, we move on to the next section and the next after that.

Land location:
The land is located on the Piscicultura Paru farm, in Candeias do Jamari, Brazil. You can visit it here.

How long does it take for trees to reach full size:
Depending on the species, a tree can reach full size from 3 to 15 years

How much carbon does each tree capture:
One tree offsets 150 kg (330 lb) of CO2 during its lifetime

How is your contribution allocated:

  • 50% goes to purchase of seeds, labor, land preparation and planting
  • 30% for monitoring of the trees and planting site
  • 20 % for land search, purchasing and contracting with owners

The trees we’re planting

Nutritional trees - These trees produce delicious fruits and ingredients for cosmetic and medicinal products:

  • Parsea Americana - Height: 8 - 30 m, diameter: 40 - 120 cm. Produces fruit, used for human nutrition, Alimentation oil and beekeeping
  • Euterpe oleracea - Height: 10 - 25 m, diameter: 26 cm. Produces fruit, used for beekeeping
  • Theobroma grandiflorum - Height: 8 - 20 m, diameter: 45 cm. Produces fruit, used in natural cosmetics development
  • Caryocar brasiliense - Height: 10 - 25 m, diameter: 150 cm. Produces fruit, used in Alimentation oil, coloring and natural cosmetic production

Rare and endangered - trees on the brink of extinction:

  • Copaifera langsdorffii - Height: 10 - 20 m, diameter: 60 cm. Used in Copiba essential oil manufacturing
  • Bertholletia excelsa - Height: 30 - 50 m, diameter: 200 cm. Produces fruit and has historic importance

Our prices

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By purchasing inventory in bulk and charging low profit margins we offer some of the lowest prices on the market. Our prices include all taxes and fees. The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees or charges at checkout.


In conclusion, we’re building a community of like-minded people, providing resources and information, as well as developing sustainable travel guides, tips and experiences.

If you have specific questions, concerns and suggestions, please email us at

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